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I hadn’t bought a bottle of wine for a very long time, but Friday night I had decided was wine night, (well this Friday night was anyway.) I needed some antioxidants!

Walking in to the local bottle shop, they had a really big array of wines to choose from. Gosh, how to choose? Its been so long since I had a vague clue as to what was good and what wasn’t. That clue had long since flown out the door, and left with my choices being white or red?

G’day, do you have any organic, biodynamic and or local wines here?

The assistant sprang in to action, and explained he didn’t usually work there but he thought there were a few that would fit my description. Flying all around the shop, he could only come up with one locally produced one (within 160kms). He offered to ring the owner who had stepped out for a minute to ask him if there were any others, but I said that was fine and kept perusing. Apparently requests such as mine only come in about every 1:1000, so demand wasn’t high.

The owner came back and straight away directed me to a biodynamic locally produced family run winery. He was very knowlodgable and didn’t even take a second blink when I repeated my request of what I wanted.

I like that… Not feeling like a complete leper all the time with my requests.

Wine bought ‘Wild White’. Produced by Krinklewood Biodynamic Vineyard– located in the Hunter Valley.

Taste- pretty darn good. I’m no wine expert, but I like it when I like it and don’t when I don’t. I’m complicated like that. I think it would have gone perfectly with a cheese platter or as we did with a light dinner.

I would love to know how much of a market there is out there for these sorts of wines. Organic, biodynamic, or locally produced. Is it something that crosses peoples minds when they are purchasing? Availability? At $18 a bottle it’s not the cheapest of bottles available but certainly not expensive either. And for a person that very rarely buys wines, I am more than happy to support biodynamic farming practices within my locavore area for an infrequent bottle buying.

10 thoughts on “locavore biodynamic wine

  1. I hope it wasn’t Friday (as in today?!) starting early…. hehe

    My take on it? Not all wines produce decent grapes and therefore wines until much later in their maturing process… hence this is MUCH more lengthy and not very cost effective when dealing with a certified organic wine. So I believe the price you pay for an organic drop is money well spent.

    Locally produced?? Not much room in the city for a vineyard however if you live in the western suburbs you are getting closer to all those amazing wineries in the Orange region… one in particular is the Tamburlaine (not 100% on spelling) brand of riesling (a certified organic wine).

    My advice is buy it in bulk (and by that I mean 6or so bottles) and pay the freight… then you can buy it direct from the winery and save a bit… plus you get a far better selection. Praise the lord for the internet.

    **I think I rambled…..**


    • Rambles are good- thats what this blog is for.
      I agree, if you are going to buy organically whether it be wine or otherwise than it is money well spent. The process and organic or biodynamic guidelines are quite strict in which to remain certified- this all takes time and money. So I am happy to spend it.

      Locally produced includes the Hunter Valley for us here in Sydney (within 160km radius). Funnily enough, for a big bottle shop they didn’t have that many Hunter wines, and no Southern Highlands either. Lots of South Australia and NZ.

      I will keep looking and trying out different places, I had heard there was a couple of good organic and biodynamic ones coming out of Orange, and did ask but they didn’t have any. Will keep a look out for the Tamburlaine one.


  2. I suggest a field trip! What a way to spend the afternoon,accompanied by a “skipper” of course. It’s unbelievable the prices of wine…here a good quality wine costs around 4.00 – 7.00 Euro. A wineyard my friend is hard work…however seeing your label on a bottle is rewarding!
    Life is too short to drink bad wine! x


  3. That must be really rewarding seeing your own label on your bottles. Bit like seeing my jams and jellies but on a much grander scale.
    I agree, life is too short to drink bad wine… or eat bad food.
    I always liked the idea of staying on an organic farmstay in Italy, maybe one day… Get The Monkeys toilling the fields.


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