Worm farms

I have had our worm farm up and running for a few months now and it really is super easy. My trouble is I need about 5 more of the things as we eat a lot of fruit and vegetables so therefore there a lot scraps to discard and their little wormy appetites are not as big as I need them to be.

Worm farms are a great thing to have when you are living in a flat, given yes you do need some sort outside area like a courtyard or balcony to keep them, but it’s not much room and everything is really contained. No scraps falling out anywhere, no smell (just a lovely earthy smell) and no escapees.

My kids love watching their progress too and always eager to see what their worm pets are up to.

I’m yet to do it, but I think a worm farm is a great wedding present for a couple too. Sure, not the most romantic of gifts, but a great gift if the couple has already being living together for some time and are well established in their own place. What more can newly married couple ask for?!….


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