A Cacophony of Thoughts

Ponders, musings and rather ignited thoughts. That’s the state of things round these parts at the moment. I’ve flitted from one topic to another in an effort to write a post this morning. With thoughts dancing all over the shop, I suspect it’s just easier to run with what I really have in there.

Unordered, and certainly not perfectly word formed. Not this week anyway, today I’m not going to project that into a calming post. Instead a cacophony of words and thoughts in a stream of conscious writing style. I’d love to have your thoughts on any of them that might resonate, (or feel free to add your own- obscurities most welcome, or maybe you’ve had something you’ve been mulling over during the week that really could use an airing.)

WIKIPEDIA: In literary criticismstream of consciousness is a narrative mode or method that attempts to depict the multitudinous thoughts and feelings which pass through the mind.


What’s your story? (Not what do you do, because that’s one of the most tiresome question surely.) But what’s your story? If you were free to describe yourself to a stranger in written form, what would you write? How do you define yourself when there are seemingly no parametres? 

What is freedom? How do you speak of freedom? What does it mean to you? For each person depending on their circumstances that answer is going to vary of course. But for you…what does freedom mean for you? Are you free? (I took quite a long time to get a wobbly answer for this one.)

Is challenging yourself a curious human trait, that other animals simply don’t do, because they don’t need to? Why do some people challenge themselves mentally, physically, creatively and others, this will be of no interest what so ever. An easy contentment with what they have surrounding them… Why rock the boat unless you have to?

Creativity and silent gender narratives, how do they impact your life? Can you put a price on your creativity if it’s to be sold? How do you speak of your creativity and all its many facets? Own it, or a little apologetic? Why?

While it truly has been a cacophony of thoughts the last week, it’s been a good thing. I’ve liked the challenge, the why’s, the push, the questioning, the pondering, and it’s certainly caused a rejig of a few things round here.

For that I’m grateful.


Stream of conscious writing is also great method for unlocking some of that creative goodness, that on occasion can get a little stuck. No rules. No time frames. Just get in there. 





8 thoughts on “A Cacophony of Thoughts

  1. Only all the time. As for freedom and creativity, it seems we all go around in this circle. I’m not religious but I like the idea of god making us in his image, and who was he/she but the ultimate CREATOR. All of us, humans are creators.


    • I always think when you can’t line up your thoughts properly there’s probably too many in there. So you need to wrangle a few of the juicy ones, sit with them for a bit and work them out…technically allowing more room for the the rest of them. Or like me, and and another 5-10, just grow in the place.


  2. I love your thoughts. I have a few myself 😉 But putting it all down on paper isn’t the right time for me right now. However I would share that at the moment with everything happening, I think that freedom is especially linked to a lack of fear. The freedom to say things without being afraid of being thrown in jail, the freedom to protest without being run into by a car, the freedom to dine out without a terror attack taking place, the freedom to ponder and plan your child’s future without worrying about safety and food for the next day. And now living in the US where there is such a great division between poor and rich, educated and non-educated etc etc I think this so called land of freedom is a farce at times…..
    Just some humble thoughts of mine…


    • Irene, ugh… your humble thoughts are most welcome any time. So many thoughts and words even just in response to your comment. I would love to sit down with you at length, to find out more of the views from your side. The short of it though, and yes I 100% agree. That is Freedom. When fear isn’t entwined into every tiny component…


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