2017…stories yet to be told


There’s new beginnings in this year

New chapters,

Stories yet to be told

Intentions still not made clear

Sweet adventures to be had

Tears still to tumble onto unsuspecting cheeks

Food to marvel at the simple deliciousness,

(sourdough to bake)

Hugs to hold tight

Thoughts to find pace

and creativity to gain wings.

Hello 2017, I’ve been expecting you.


What’s in store for you? What new chapters will be written?


17 thoughts on “2017…stories yet to be told

  1. We’re going for a new garden in 2017 now that we’ve finished the house. Hopefully it will contain lots of bees and a bit of our own food.

    Happy New Year to you!


  2. Aahhh Yes, I do relate to all you say here about 2017. Happy New Year to you too. Well now, somehow I feel 2017 is going to be a cracker – there is a whole new spangly sparkly energy about it so I welcome it with open arms.


  3. Hi Brydie, just dropped by to wish you a happy, peaceful and fulfilling 2017, and also to thank you for your many posts last year, which I always read with interest. It’s heartening to read that younger people like you are striving to make our world and communities better healthier places to be. All good wishes, Deborah


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