noodles on the weekend


 a weekend with visits from a wonderful friend from afar

a ride to watch a golden sun sneak over the horizon

treasures found on Garage Sale Trail

coffee for one, but make it two

an inspiring community event

long afternoon park plays

and finally,

finally made it to the night noodle markets


What are you up to this weekend?


14 thoughts on “noodles on the weekend

  1. Love the colourful cluster of lanterns. Is that a noodle burger??! Love it! We had a lovely weekend too, including our own sale at Garage Sale Trail – a lot of fun but the only bummer about actually participating was not being able to shop!


  2. My Arabella took her little brother to the Night Noodle Markets on Saturday night. They both loved it. Miss Arabella has also worked at them in a coffee cart. I was disappointed not to get there but I think they’re opening up in North Sydney so I’ll be sure to get there. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. xx


  3. “BUGGER!” forgot the Garage Sale Trail :(. That’s what you get for living out in the sticks and studiously ignorning the newspapers, local television etc. Oh well…next year…


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