birds and the bee

from  The Winds Message

A.B ‘Banjo’ Patterson

There came a whisper down the Bland between the dawn and dark,
Above the tossing of the pines, above the river’s flow;
It stirred the boughs of giant gums and stalwart iron-bark;
It drifted where the wild ducks played amid the swamps below;
It brought a breath of mountain air from off the hills of pine,
A scent of eucalyptus trees in honey-laden bloom;
And drifting, drifting far away along the Southern line
It caught from leaf and grass and fern a subtle strange perfume.
It reached the toiling city folk, but few there were that heard–

The rattle of their busy life had choked the whisper down;
And some but caught a fresh-blown breeze with scent of pine that stirred
A thought of blue hills far away beyond the smoky town;
And others heard the whisper pass, but could not understand
The magic of the breeze’s breath that set their hearts aglow,
Nor how the roving wind could bring across the Overland
A sound of voices silent now and songs of long ago.

16 thoughts on “birds and the bee

  1. Crazy. I visited your blog for the first time last night, loved it, but didn’t get a chance to comment before being dragged away by the cries of the baby . . .

    . . . and then today I have a comment from you!

    So many yummy recipes to come back and try.

    Lovely to meet you.



    • *sigh*…you know what your comment just did, filled me with a warm sense of hope, and excitement. I love where we live, but know we are not destined to stay here, and the pull of those whispering hills….*sigh* Banjo had it right… “The magic of the breeze’s breath that set their hearts aglow…”


  2. Spring.
    As we suffer through the 90+ temps- SPRING.
    My niece is going to be stationed in Australia next year and she keeps telling me I will visit her.
    (I am claustrophobic and long plane rides are like the worst nightmares you can imagine.)
    But I’m so tempted to say yes and come. Keep painting these word pictures and I will get drugs and fly comatose to make it there.
    Beautiful Australia.


    • Heidiannie you should come! Drugs, drugs, drugs, they will help you get here and then flying back you won’t even need them as you will be so happy about the time you have spent here 🙂
      Where abouts is your niece going to be?


      • I was trying to find out that information, Brydie. My niece does a fair amount of intelligence work, and I’m never certain what I can know or tell of her work. She will be stationed in Canberra, working with a DSD unit. She says it is only about 3 hours away from Sydney- so – since Celia is driving me mad with her wonderful finds and shops and dining reports, I may just have to get the drugs and come wen she is assigned there next year.


  3. Great photos! I see your blog name on all the other eco-blogs I visit, and I am sure I have visited before, but wow, your blog is so lovely and neat and well put together. I love your categories too, very much like me! Off to read some more…


  4. Lovely pictures! We have the wood ducks and the blue/black swamp hens on our dam, although no pink faced cockies – just the raucous, yellow crested ones. Love the bee pic, what a keeper! 🙂


    • Every time I see a yellow crested one it makes me smile. They are like the cheeky little kids up the back of the classroom, doing the wrong thing but making you laugh at the same time.
      the black are the serene, melancholy ones and the pink ones…well they are just pink…


  5. How lovely to share your springtime as we descend into mists of golden fruitfulness or whatever the poets call our damp mornings and sunny days – maybe it’s called an Indian summer ? That’s a great poem thank you for sharing it and for coming and commenting on my blog while it’s hanging on in there x


    • I adore Banjo Patterson. Actually both Mr Chocolate and I do. Probably not the last time I slip in one of his poems. Little Monkey even got his middle name after him….and golden fruitfulness, I like the sounds of that.


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