Capturing winter sun in a jar

Winter sun can be so uplifting to the spirits when its cold outside. A face tilted towards the sun through a glass window. Body warming against a sheltered brick wall. There are pockets of warmth in my apartment that are just perfect for capturing that winter sun.

Little Monkeys pillow, when he goes down for a day time nap. His pillow has been soaking up the morning warmth already for him to lay his head on. Makes me want to snuggle right down with him.

Coat stand, standing holding all of our jackets. When ever I go to put one on during the day, a little bit of winter wonder has been stored in there. Warming my back and a soft ahhh slipping from my mouth.

The dining table, just about time I usually eat some lunch, that soft winter sun is waiting for me. Sunny fingers out stretched, waiting to draw me in.

This mandarin marmalade drew me. Its sunny colour, and tang of sweet citrus, just begging for a little sourdough to accompany it.

Mandarin Marmalade

1.3 kilos skinned and segmented manderines

800mls water

Cooked up until soft (approx 1/2 an hour). Then wizzed up in a hand held mixer.

1 kilo sugar

1 large strip of lemon peel

Cooked up, and reduced until thickens. (Saucer test- put in freezer, then ladle a little jam on, if thickens and wrinkles then its ready.)

Pour into hot sterilized jars and seal.

* If you are not so keen on marmalade but like jam, this could be a good one. It doesn’t have the citrus tartness that normal marmalades do, due to their skins not being cooked up in the batch. The Monkeys loved this, and you know most kids don’t go for marmalade. It sits happily in between.

14 thoughts on “Capturing winter sun in a jar

  1. Pleeeaaase send me some of your winter sun!! I haven’t seen any for what seems like aaages!

    Your mandarin marmalade looks beautiful. I am not a big marmalade eater exactly because of the stong peely taste, but this could possibly hit the spot. It’s funny because I was just talking to someone today about marmalades and other preserves, and was pondering over how mandarin curd would taste….


    • It doesn’t have that normal marmaladey flavour at all, not as sweet as jam though either. The Monkeys have been knocking it back mixed in with their yoghurt or the sourdough oat cakes as well- well licking it off and then asking for more…
      Mandarin Curd mmmm, sounds good.


    • A lovely cool sunny Sydney winter day. Where people get to wear scarves with their thongs 🙂
      It does brighten up my day, starts the day off well with some on sourdough. Just have to fend The Monkeys off from it too.


    • Joanna I made it again this morning just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke. Little Monkey “helped”, I had to work quickly, as the pods were flying into his mouth as quick as they were going into my pot.


  2. Your rose apple jam, albeit made quick looks like a gem on the plate, but I must admit this marmalade has excited me. The colours ad the photograph truly do shout ‘sun in a jar’.


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