Locavoring @ Fox Studios Farmers Market

A morning spent at Fox Studio’s Farmers Markets. My wallet a little leaner, my fridge a little fuller and my locavore selection criteria for the day, well and truly ticked.

Shopping list

Free Range Ham– Bought from Quattro Stelle, a small Italian family run business that runs out of  Kingsgrove . All products are made from Berkshire free range pork. The Berkshire pig is a heritage breed, ( like a heirloom tomato). This ham was sooo tasty. When you compare the taste of normal shop ham and then this one…. phew! No comparison. Thumbs up for this one for sure.

Fetta– Bought from Small Cow Farm. Located in Robertson, Southern Highlands. This company also runs cheesemaking courses- which sound fantastic. Taste wise, pretty good too. There are two fetta wheels in the little bucket, and priced at $14.50 for 400 grams. Monkey boy couldn’t get enough of this stuff.

1 kilo Sausages– Bought from Spring Hill Beef. Located in Burrawang, Southern Highlands. A company that farms grass fed Black Angus cattle.

1 large bag of assorted vegetables– Bought from family owned business located at Horsely Park in the Sydney basin.

Freshly ground coffee- 3 Amigos/Cafe East Timor, is my favourite coffee. At this stage they are only selling it at the markets, or you can call up and they will post you out some. Grown in East Timor, roasted in Sydney, and ground when you order it. 100% Arabica beans are used, organically and fairtrade produced. This is a lovely fresh coffee. I get a little antsy when our stock is running low, until we buy up again. I have tried a lot of different fairtrade coffees available and this one consistently still sticks out.


7 thoughts on “Locavoring @ Fox Studios Farmers Market

  1. Celia + Choclette- the radishes did come up well. Makes me think I should have bought some!

    Lorraine- The markets seem to be changing a bit at the moment. There seemed to be a lot more non-foody stalls there last weekend, which hadn’t been there before. Hopefully it was just a one off and they will go back to being all foody.

    mach3- thanks for looking. Its actually autumn here in Australia- but lovely colours just the same 🙂


  2. I love the colours in that first photo too. Well done on doing the locavore shopping thing. I must check out that cheese place…cheese making courses you say? hmmm….


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